To my Husband

To my amazing Husband Daniel, 

You earned a new title 7 months ago. You added, Daddy, into your identity and I have never seen an identity fit a person better. To say you’re an amazing Daddy is an understatement. From the moment we found out we were expecting you started preparing for your journey as a Dad. You stood by my side, catered to me, held me while I cried, built our babies’ furniture from scratch, and went to every appointment and class with me. 

The day my water broke we were both so excited and scared. But you know what? You stood tall next to me for the entire 24 hours I was in labor. You respected my wishes for my labor and encouraged me throughout it all. I will never ever forget when it was go time to push how amazed you were. You were the first person to put your hands on J in this world. As you pulled her into this world, she knew right then that you were going to be her guardian forever. She came into this world knowing she was safe and loved. 

Since the day J came in this world, I have seen a change in you. A good change though. You are even more patient than I thought you could be, you spend as much time as possible with J, you take her everywhere with you, she melts every time she hears your voice or sees you. I’m not even one bit jealous that she’s a daddy’s girl because she has the best daddy ever. 

You change her, you clothe her, you bathe her, you feed her; you do it all! A lot of women say you’re so lucky to have so much help. Yes I agree to that but parenting takes two. Daniel, you’re the best partner I could ever imagine. I woke up this morning to a quiet house and when I called you, you were grocery shopping with the baby. Yes you could have woken me to watch her while you ran an errand but you didn’t. Some people use their baby as an excuse but you NEVER have. I’m not always sure that I’m cut out for this Working Mom thing but it’s only possible because of you. I love you Daniel and you complete me! 


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