Dear Jecelin

Dear Jecelin Connie Sperry,

You are approximately 52 days young today! You have changed my life. I know every new mom says that about their baby but it’s simply true. I didn’t know what unconditional love felt like until I laid eyes on you. I fall more in love with you each minute I spend with you. You have grown so so much in the past almost 2 months. Dang, I can’t believe you’re about to be two months old! You have started being very vocal the last week and it pulls at my heart strings every time. You love to lay in your bassinet or pack n play and just babble away! You have also started to recognize colors and learn to smile and my oh my, it’s something else!  

You still love bath time! It relaxes you so much that sometimes you poop in the tub but daddy and I think it’s hilarious. You love floating on your back and kicking your legs in the tub!

 You adore your daddy. I think I could watch you and your daddy interact an entire day and never get tired of it. He loves you so much.

We are going strong with breastfeeding! It amazes me that you have grown so much just off of Mommy’s milk. 

Photo credit: Candice MacDonnell photography

You love to wear your sunglasses, you’re a cloth diaper wearing natural, you love to be carried/worn in the Lillebaby,  you adore FaceTime, you have rolled from your back to your belly once, your head and neck are getting so strong, you still like to party at night instead of sleep but it’s getting better :), and you love to snuggle with mommy and daddy! 

 It’s going to break my heart when I have to go back to work in a month. I am just going to soak everything I can in until then. 

I hope to write to you often so you can read this later. I love you, sweetie. 

Always and forever,



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