39 weeks say whhhhhat?!

Whoa. Do I ever feel pregnant or what?! This week has truly caught up to me. The uncomfortableness is in full swing, making up for the easy pregnancy I’ve had so far.

Some seriously hilarious things have happened this week. First of all my husband and I have never been closer our entire relationship until the last 9 months. There are no secrets or hiding things when pregnant. You can’t muffle your farts and get away with it. Pregnancy farts are well, extreme. I have made light of the situation by constantly blaming it on J every time one squeaks out 😂 (sorry J). I would normally be so embarrassed but now we both just laugh about it.

Down there. Whoa. It’s just excessive everything. I constantly yell for Daniel when I’m in the bathroom and explain to him what’s going on. I am sure he hates it but he always seems supportive lol. Pregnancy hormones and the body preparing for a baby is beautiful, but comes with a lot of 😳 faces.

So clothes are the most annoying things now a days. I can’t sleep with clothes touching my body. I just honestly can’t get comfy. 

3 am starvation is so real. My go to has been Poptarts and milk, in bed, in the dark, in the nude. I crack myself up.

Valentine’s Day we shared a nice meal down in Waikiki at Yard House. Before dinner came I said I had to go poop. Daniel’s serious response was “I hope it’s diarrhea because that’s a sign labor will come soon.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

 Today, I sent him this text  

As you can see pregnancy is a beautiful and seriously hilarious chapter! We both have learned so much about each other.

Tomorrow, I go in for an appointment with my midwife and I’m hoping she will check to see if I’ve dilated at all. I hope she has great news 😅

All day today I have been cramping off and on and my whole tummy feels like it’s tightening every few minutes. My belly is hanging so low that I feel like she’s going to fall out of my shirt and I’m still working like a madwoman til 6 pm 😳

I will embrace these last few days, and hopefully not weeks with being pregnant but I seriously can’t wait to hold my baby and worship her 👶🏼🎀 

  This was at 38 weeks 😬


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