The last month of pregnancy 

Wow. One month from today is my due date. I am overwhelmed with emotion. Though, I am ready to meet my sweet baby….. I will as much as I say I won’t, miss feeling her roll around in my belly.

I have been her lifeline the past 36 weeks. I have regulated her temperature, provided her food, protection, and so much more. I have grown her with my own body. Once she leaves my belly, I lose a lot of that control. 

We (yes, that means Daniel too) went to our breastfeeding class last night and it was very informational and kinda emotional. I want more than anything to be able to breastfeed. I believe it will allow me to keep that special connection with my baby J for a little longer. I also started getting nervous when the lactation consultant started saying how a lot of mommas stop BF once they return to work. I only get 6 weeks off and that doesn’t seem long enough. My goal is to BF for at least 6 months. 

I am so so so blessed to have such a supportive and loving husband. I didn’t have to beg or plea for him to come with me last night; he wanted to. He was so engaged the entire class. He wants more than anything to be able to help me breastfeed. Yeah, men can actually help women breastfeed by helping me hand express or give me pointers on her latch. 

Tonight we start our childbirth class. I’m so anxious to see what we will learn. We watched a documentary a few weekends ago called the “Business of Being Born” and it made me extremely emotional. The statistics were insane. Only 8% of women use Midwives and now the average csection rate is 46%. That’s insane to me. I understand there are emergency scenarios that do require csections but I never knew it was so high! The epidural rate was higher. 

I’ve been working on my birth plan lately and my goal is to go all natural, drug free, and delayed cord clamping. It’s been super important too that Daniel helps and knows the plan. I honestly don’t know what state of mind I’ll be in at that point. I have been “pinning” so many natural birth techniques and breathing/laboring positions and I was so amazed! 

Women’s bodies are absolutely amazing. 

Instead of being miserable these last four weeks, I am going to completely embrace every ache, kick, hiccup, and baby J party in my belly. 

I am also going to love and focus on my husband and dogs this month. We are about to add an amazing chapter to our story but with everything else we will have a lot of adjusting 🙂 

Below are a few of my favorite bump pictures. 👶🏼❤️



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