Week 34: pregnancy and well life update 

Whew, 34 weeks pregnant this Friday. It has FLOWN by. As I’m writing this, Little Jecelin is squirming all around inside my belly having a grand time. 

Pregnancy: Well, I get winded doing the smallest task and this is so embarrassing because I have never felt this out of shape in my life lol!

Putting on my shoes (boots) is painfully challenging. It’s just so far away with my big ol belly in the way.

Swampy pants syndrome where you want to change your undies 5 times a day is the most real and gross thing. I will stop there.

People and what they think they can say to you while you’re pregnant is UNREAL. It’s even more crazy that the people that say it are women who have been pregnant before. 

My favorite, ” you are frustrating that baby, and it’s frustrating me. You are still running/walking 4 miles a day. That’s not good for that baby.”

Uh, excuse me. Actually it is very good for her and I did it before I was pregnant and I still feel fine doing it now. Thanks for caring. Let me know when you become an OBGYN. 

I can’t stop eating either. Like it’s embarrassing. 

Dreams. Oh my goodness, more like pregnant night terrors!! I can’t even explain the complexity and oddness of what I dream.

Sleep. I have a feeling that how I used to sleep will just be a memory. I get up at 2 am every morning to pee and chug water because my mouth is so dry. I toss and turn and cringe at the fact that I have to be up for work 3 hours later.

Work. Ugh 😳 it’s literally painful. I like my job but some of the people I work with, can’t do anything themselves and expect me to solve all their problems and my patience has ran so thin.

Currently, I am thinking about how I must pack my hospital bag and install the car seat this weekend because 6 weeks could potentially turn into 3-4 weeks!

We went on the labor and delivery tour today and it made this all so real. During the tour they kept referring to vaginal births versus c sections and threw terms out there like “tearing,” “padsicles,” and many more terrifying things.

Nursery is almost done and I’ve started to wash baby J’s stuff! The dogs are so confused and curious of what is going on and I’m super excited to see their reaction when they see their new human!

Well, I’m exhausted and have heart burn. Off to pop in a Tums and call it a night!!  



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