The most expensive Thanksgiving and my husband “my punching bag”

Accidents happen everyday right? A lot of things that happen that are “terrible” or “senseless” aren’t things that people meant to do on purpose.

Well, I couldn’t remember that a few days ago and let my temper and word vomit get the best of me 😕

We had a very blessed thanksgiving dinner in our home with our friends and had tons of great food and fun! We threw the 25 pound ribcage of the turkey in our trash can that is usually secured in a closet door in our kitchen so our doggies couldn’t  get to it.

Well Friday, we did some shopping and Daniel dropped me off at the movies with my friends. While I was at the movies, he got all the Christmas decorations down, bought some lights, and was ready for me to get home so we could decorate. He picked me up from the movie, and when we got home, the trash was all over and the dogs has eaten the entire sharp ribcage of the turkey 😓 needless to say, our plans changed. 

I completely lost my mind. I blamed Daniel for leaving the door open and possibly killing the dogs and said some other very very hurtful and unnecessary things as I bawled my eyes out and ordered him to call the animal hospital.

I was so childish. Accidents happen. Did I really think he left the door open on purpose?! I feel like such an ass when I think back to the things I said. 

Well, we sat at the animal hospital for 4 hours and after an X-ray, inducing vomitting for both dogs, we felt a little peace of mind knowing a lot of the sharp bones were now laying on the newspaper at the vet from being up chucked. 

$400 later, some extremely hurtful words exchanged to my Best friend, and two dilerious dogs later, we were on the way home. No more words were exchanged, one of us slept on the couch and I woke up feeling like shit. Why why why, do I have such a venomous tongue?! 

I seriously do not deserve my husband. He’s so calm, never says a hurtful thing to me, but me? I treat him like a punching bag. The one thing in the world that I wish is that I can find some peace and patience in my heart and calm down when a tough situation occurs and THINK before I SPEAK.

The moral of me sharing this is to show yes, we are human, but it’s no excuse for us to use hurtful words and freak out about LIFE. Things happen, it will be alright.



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