Hello Fall 

Okay so it isn’t September anymore but I need to catch you up 🙂

September was very exciting! Mostly because we found out that Baby Sperry is a GIRL. It was so awesome. Daniel and I decided not to peak during the ultrasound and instead have it put into an envelope so we could have a gender reveal party and find out when our friends did. We were so lucky to have friends that took the ultrasound envelope from us and filled squirt guns with the pink paint for the party! We had the gender reveal party at the beach where everyone was given the squirt guns while Daniel and I stood there with our eyes closed waiting to see what color splattered on our clothes. I can tell you, during that 10 second countdown, I had the craziest butterflies! We were both convinced we were going to see blue paint based off of myths and how my pregnancy has been but, Baby Sperry ended up being OUR precious little girl, Jecelin Connie Sperry. 


It’s actually quite funny she ended up being a girl because we could not decide on a boy’s name.Jecelin is the street we live on in Hawaii and also a sergeant that died at age 20 by sacrificing his own life when he jumped on a grenade to save his platoon!

Connie was my grandmother’s name that passed away.

Ever since we found out the gender we have busy getting ready for her arrival. We almost have the dresser done and Daniel has been building the crib! 


Let’s see what else has been going on.

I am currently sitting at the airport on the Big Island waiting to get home from training with my platoon. We have been out here about 11 days getting some range time in and conducting gunnery. My Soldiers did an awesome job! We have learned a lot and are very excited to get back home and get some rest!    

 In the next week or so I will be switching out as Platoon Leader and taking over as the Executive Officer for my Company. Though I am sad to not be a PL anymore, I am ready for a change. 
I will be 20 weeks pregnant on Wednesday and that means I’m half way there to meeting miss Jecelin. It’s been so crazy watching my body change during pregnancy but I am eager to see what the next 20 weeks brings 👶🏼💕!

Hope ya’ll are enjoying Fall so far 🍂🍁🎃


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