Everyone tries to save a little money here and there, right? But it can be so challenging. Budgeting has become our first step toward investing. Living in Hawaii, the price of living can be much higher than on the mainland. 

Daniel and I have been pinning ideas and putting down our expenses on paper. Putting it down on paper has been a huge reality check.

Here are some things we have been trying!

We made our own batch of detergent about 7 months ago for $25 and we still have more than half left. Our clothes smell amazing and we have saved so much. Here is the link for the recipe I followed: http://savingbydesign.com/diy-laundry-detergent-recipe/#_a5y_p=1352530

Also, we looked at our phone plan and our data usage and cut down 4 GB saving us over $10 a month. On top of that we just recently got rid of cable. We use Netflix and will be getting Hulu. Both costing about $8 each a month. 

Another fun thing we do is make our own dog treats. I use Pinterest to find fun and healthy recipes. 

Finally, we went back to our college days and started planning out our meals for the week. This saves so much money! In fact, we went to the grocery this morning and for a weeks worth of food we spent $90. That averages to $45 a person per week to eat and I’m sure we will have some extra for the following week. 

Pinterest will help so much. I make my own cleaners sometime, and there are lots of budgeting and promo codes available. 

Planning is key when budgeting. I hope this helps and let me know some of your techniques!! 



One thought on “Budgeting 

  1. Have you ever checked out Dave Ramsey? Love his advice. We use the envelope method from his Total Money Makeover book (he talks about this outside of the book as well) and it makes a huge difference/helps with impulse control. We also don’t have cable and use Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. (Or MGO for renting movies.) The last thing that helps a lot is couponing only for things we use. We eat mostly organic and use Mambo Sprouts and a couple other sites. Coupons.com is another good one! And the commissary has a rewards card you can load coupons onto online! Just ask about it at the register.

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