Grandparents are the best thing in the world! Am I right?!! They spoil us, love us unconditionally, tell us crazy stories about our parents, and think we are the greatest things to walk the Earth. 

I have been very blessed. I not only have had my grandparents around but I also knew my great grandparents very well. My great grandpa even lived to be 100 and then rode off on his horse to be with my great grandma in Heaven. I knew my Mom’s mother very well but unfortunately she left the Earth much sooner than she should have. I will always cherish our special memories and carry on her craftiness and her contagious personality. 

The last 3 weeks I was lucky enough to share my special piece of paradise with my grandma and grandpa Pierce. The last few years have been hard for me being so far from my family. I have missed a lot of get togethers and have not been able to see any of my family but once a year. 

Not sure if it is because I am older now and I genuinely appreciate and know how precious life is but I was overwhelmed with emotion during their visit. 

My grandmother has always been strong, gentle, giving, selfless, and much more but I really got to learn a lot more about her and got to see her beautiful face everyday for weeks. She hugged me each morning and made us breakfast and just smiled. I wish I could relive our days spent together forever. As she would sit and write in her journal each day to remember every last detail of her days, I would just stare at her. Her smile as she recalled the events of each day and the glow of her Hawaiian suntan. She looked so natural laying out at the beach; she was in her happy place.  I shared so many memories with her and I will forever be grateful for that. 

My grandpa would so proudly wear his Army hat everywhere and make friends each place we went. I loved watching him capture so many great memories through the lens of his camera and talk about how he couldn’t wait to share them with everyone back home. He loved trying coffee from all the different places we went and getting tshirts to remember his trip by. Him and my grandma both were so helpful around the house as well when it was their vacation. 

The entire trip was perfect and I would do anything to relive each moment. 

I challenge you all to spend time with your grandparents and cherish every single moment. You will learn about them and learn more about yourself as well!  



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