Have you ever been addicted? So addicted that it was the first thing you looked at/did in the morning and last thing you did before bed? So addicted that you looked at it/did it during your free minute at work? Well I have and it’s ruining my happiness. 

My addiction is social media and the ability to live vicariously through others’ lives. I am addicted to living in the now and getting that instant gratification. 

It’s sickening. The first thing I do when my alarm goes off in the morning is to “Facebook/Instagram creep” on people I am not even friends with/follow. I search them and see if anything new has happened in their lives in the last 10 hours since I last checked. Why? Why does their lives intrigue me? Why do I compare my live to theirs? They treated me shitty in the past, yet I still care what they’re doing; it’s a disease. It’s consumes all my free time when I should be enjoying my family and relaxing. I keep telling myself to just stop, but I can’t.

I’m about to leave for a training exercise and I’m hoping that it will give me the time to disconnect and unplug from social media and focus on training and I won’t have the urge to check when I turn my phone back on. 

I plan to give myself limits of when I’m allowed to be on social media and to logoff from social media on my phone and to turn off all notifications when it’s not my time to check my social media. 

Wish me luck! Anyone else want to try with me? Here’s to letting go!!



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