Lessons my dogs have taught me 

1. Happiness is simple: It doesn’t take much to make my dogs happy. Asking them if they want a treat, taking them on a quick car ride, throwing their ball, or simply rubbing their belly. They are content just being with their humans. 

2. Do fun things: Life is busy. Taking a few moments out of your busy day to do something fun is easier said than done. It is as easy as a quick run, reading, or playing a game. Dogs show us how simple it is. They do fun things. If I don’t throw their toy back when they give it to me to throw, they will throw it in the air themselves and run around barking. I have seen my dogs have fun with a simple stick. 

3. Always greet everyone with a smile: This is my favorite thing about my fur babies. No matter how long I am gone, I know when I walk into the house, they will always be waiting by the door, smiling, wagging their tails, and finding a present for me (like a sock). This, I think,  is the best thing we can learn from dogs. No matter how crappy your day may be, a simple smile when you pass someone can really make/ change their day. Just remember how your dogs make you feel and carry that forward when you leave your house and go to work or the grocery! 


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