LOVING: My husband and my fur children. With our professions we spend more time away from one another than together. Being married for almost two years now, we have come a long long way. Learning to coexist, learning what stresses each other out, learning to cook/clean each other’s ways, and much more. I have been the busy one lately and I came home from work on a Friday night pretty late and he had cleaned the house, got me beautiful flowers, wine, and made me dinner, and got groceries since he got off early! My fur children light up with excitement when I get home too and greet me with a gift usually being a shoe or sock lying around. They are truly the stitches holding me together in my life. 🐶🐶❤️💏

ANTICIPATING: I can’t wait for April! I will be traveling back to Missouri for a course and my parents are going to come and meet me there for a few days. I haven’t seen them since September and I am so stoked to spend some time with them. I will also be celebrating my 24th bday with them!! I am also anticipating July when I’ll get to go home for one of my best friend’s wedding and also I’ll get to throw a baby shower for my God Child and kiss my best friend’s baby bump.

PLANNING: The next year. Trying to plan my next job out and when to start expanding our family all while knowing  Daniel will be deploying for 9 months. 

WORKING ON: Patience and not being a perfectionist. I tend to stress myself out over silly things and things that are  out of my control. Trying to allow myself to make mistakes and just chill. I have seen how much being a perfectionist has stressed my Dad out and I’m trying not to follow that. I know my high strung personality stresses Daniel out too. Also, I’m working on bettering myself and being positive. I have been stuck in a funk lately where negative Nancy has taken over and frumpy Ashley has become the trend. Focusing and taking each moment as it comes.

WISHING: I were closer to my family and friends. Being on an island I am helpless at times. Facetime only currently helps. I miss going to my parents’ house and hanging out. I miss driving and meeting up with my friends. I miss being with my crazy cousins at family gatherings. I miss my neighborhood runs. I miss my childhood dogs. I just wish Hawaii wasn’t so far away and I could drive somewhere on the mainland lol. 


1. Finding a church that I can find some peace at here.

2. Start reading books for pleasure.

3. Being more positive.

4. Start lifting again.

5. Stay off social media during the day. 

6. Invest money. 

7. Volunteer more; it brings me so much joy.

8. Become a stronger Leader.

9. Spend more time doing what makes me happy. 

10. Invest more time in my marriage and relationships in general. 



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