Living in the unknown

Planning ahead is nearly impossible in my current lifestyle and career. I can never promise I’ll be somewhere if it’s more than a week out. It’s impossible for me to answer this question, “if I come visit you (enter date) will you be off or in Hawaii?” Honestly I can’t ever fully commit. I’ve learned to live and work around being flexible and adaptable because more things change at work in a week than Daniel probably changes his underwear (my attempt at making a funny 😳)… But really.

So I wrote a few posts back how much time Daniel and I would spend apart this year. Well, a few nights ago, I got some pretty sad news. Daniel was told they are deploying for 9 months to Korea…. 😔 I know it’s Korea but it’s still 9 months away from each other. When he returns we will only have about 6 months left on island.

I can’t even think about this because I start freaking out. I have brainwashed myself to take life/work day by day and not to get upset until something actually happens. This has changed our upcoming plans a lot. We were going to try to start trying to have a baby but I do not want to experience being pregnant by myself haha.

I can just hope and pray that everything truly does happen for a reason and to trust God. Anyway, please keep us in your prayers that we remain unbroken.



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