Big girl panties

First of all panties is such a weird word haha. Anyway, I often feel like my feminine side goes to the waste side due to my job. I wear uniforms for work and never get to dress up for “work.” I wear a PT (physical training) uniform in the morning that consists I a gray Army tshirt and baggy black shorts with an army logo on it with my hair in a bun and now sometimes a ponytail. After PT I rush home to shower and change into my ACUs (Army Combat Uniform). I slick my hair back into a tight bun, brush my teeth, and throw on my glasses (until I get my eye surgery). I hardly get to wear makeup or earrings or style my hair. On the weekends I could you say, but instead I find the crappiest sweats I can find and my nice clothes remain hanging in my closet! I have to admit, I’m a creature of comfort.

The thought crossed my mind today as I was gettin dressed though. One thing my uniforms can’t take away from me is, my undergarments!!! I can wear those hot pink, lacy Victoria Secret big girl panties and still feel girly.

Always remember ladies, you can always keep something feminine about you!



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