A woman’s best friend

So it’s the weekend and I’m already dreading Monday. The two weekend days fly by. One day you spend cleaning and prepping for the work week and the other day you do something fun or just lay around and relax. However, I find myself feeling guilty when I want to go somewhere on the weekend. Why? Because of Sambuca and Bailey. It absolutely breaks my heart when I can’t take them with me. The sad puppy eyes and blank stares I get when I turn the doorknob to leave, destroys me. Weird to say but they are my very best friends. They have been with me for 4 years now. They have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly… Like really ugly. My dad often states that he wishes the dogs could have written a book from their perspective during my college years that I had them. I can honestly say that book would be a best seller. They hungout when we had raging parties at the house and Sambuca loved the parties because he had so many friends to throw his toys and play tug o war as Bailey guarded my room and wouldn’t let a soul walk in. They saw drunken Ashley as I stumbled into my bed from the bar. They saw me fight people, they saw me cry as I thought I would never finish my senior year soon enough, they’ve experienced every emotion beside me. But you know what, they have always been there for me and they have never ever let me down. They can make the shittiest day so much brighter just by me walking into the house and them getting so excited and bringing me presents and shaking their butts and crying because they are so happy I made it home. They have stared me in the eyes as I have sobbed and then laid their heads on my shoulder and cuddled up next to me until I fell asleep. They keep me sane when Daniel is gone and they provide me tons of laughter. I can whole heartedly say, dogs are a woman’s best friend and I can’t imagine life without them.

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