Phew. I made it another week and I have God to thank for blessing me with that. Work has been kicking my ass. Lots of training and learning to do in order to catch my platoon up and prepare us for upcoming training exercises. Me learning as my platoon simultaneously learns is challenging. Being a Leader is a tough thing. Making calls that can have threatening effects is never easy. Keeping everyone motivated is never easy either. Creating an environment that fosters tough but realistic training is often challenging. Being a perfectionist is hurtful when you’re a leader. Why you ask? Because if you aren’t making mistakes as a leader then you aren’t challenging yourself or your soldiers to exceed your comfort zone. I am one to dwell on my mistakes and take things personally. I have quickly learned the military isn’t the career path for perfectionists like me. You have to make a decision and own it. If it’s “wrong” then learn from it and remember it when you make a like decision in the future. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s a tough thing to accept. I have learned that no matter how nice and respectful you are, somebody will still find something not to like about you.

Sadly, the biggest struggle so far for me has been implementing training that never existed. People don’t like change generally and definitely don’t like spending more time at work. There is a method behind my madness and I hope it shows in the end. Please keep my platoon and myself in your prayers that we continue to be patient and understanding of each other.




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