Break up continued

So I’ve been pondering what to write when I continued this post, so I settled for short and sweet.

When I go through old pictures it hurts. When a random reminder of them come up on my newsfeed, it breaks my heart. I still hope for the
best for them but when we “broke up” it seemed like the only option. We were in different places in our lives. I began getting irritable too easily, I was ready to start grown up life, I was in a serious relationship, and I pretty much started adulthood senior year; the year that was supposed to be the most fun I had. I miss it all. Nobody will ever replace your college best friends. College is the most vulnerable you’ll ever be, the most emotional you’ll ever be, the most idgaf attitude you’ll ever have, and the only time where being an alcoholic is socially acceptable. It’s the best and most emotionally exhausting 4 years of life. To you, ROTC girl across the hall and freshman English friend: I’ll always cherish our friendship and what we learned together. I wish you both a life of happiness and maybe our lives will cross paths again someday!




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