Breaking up with a best friend

Nothing, I mean nothing can prepare you for this. Breaking up with a best friend(s) was much worse than any break up with a boyfriend.

My first two years of college were insane. I was very sheltered growing up and when I went off to my freshman year I went well…. Crazy. I started drinking, I stayed out until whenever I wanted, went to the parties I only thought occurred in movies, and met tons of new people. Life was awesome.

Right away I belong to an organization that changed my whole college experience: ROTC. All of the freshman in ROTC shared some of the same classes, dorms, we found all the parties together, we stumbled to class the next day, we ate together, etc. I became really close with the girl across the hall that too was in ROTC. We shared clothes, we worked out together, we coordinated to eat together at the dining hall, we scoped out cute boys at parties; the typical things all girl friends do!

We became so close that year that we decided to be roommates sophomore year.

Stepping back to freshman year, I had an English class that wasn’t full of ROTC people. It was taught by a TA that made the class super enjoyable. Everyone in our class just clicked and some even stayed in touch through senior year. In this class, I meant a girl that I knew I would stay friends with after the quarter was over.

In fact, we became best friends through most of college except the end.

(This is just a little background info)

The summer after freshman year I went off to good ole basic training and AIT for the Army and missed Fall quarter of my sophomore year.

I was so disconnected from everything going on. I spent 10 weeks with limited cell phone time (1 hour on Sundays after week 3) and communicated mostly through letters, which was refreshing. It was a reset time for me. All the dumb guys that “screwed me over” freshman year were out of sight, I didn’t have a boyfriend, and I was solely focusing on bettering myself.

While at basic training I received letters from my family, my childhood best friend, and ROTC girl that lived across the hall from me freshman year.

Basic training was over and now I was off to AIT… Freedom you say? Not exactly. I spent 12 weeks at Fort Jackson learning to be a mechanic 😐

Even though I now had cell phone access at night, I still continued to write people because I really enjoyed it. ROTC girl across the hall still wrote me, we texted, spoke on the phone and she set everything up for me to move in the dorm with her and 2 others when I returned that winter. I was excited to go back to OU and to live with ROTC girl.

Off subject but kind of important. I met a boy at AIT that I thought I was in love with. Pretty funny, huh? He was from Montana. We snuck around on the weekends together and hid our “dying love” from everyone. It’s really quite funny to think of now. Definitely a young and dumb moment. Anyway, AIT was coming toward the end and it was time to say our good byes. Yes, it was what you would see in a movie type of goodbye. We graduated AIT, still in our uniforms, jumped in a cab and headed to the airport. My flight left before his. We sat at the airport impatiently waiting to say our “see ya soons” that really became a goodbye. We held hands and cried and I went to board my plane and he slipped me a letter scented with his cologne and stood and watched as I got on my plane. I sat in my seat, he texted me some sappy ass text, and I sat on a plane in my uniform and cried as I read his letter. What in the hell was I doing?…(Thinking back now… Ha).

—more to continue tomorrow, it’s bed time 😉


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