Learning to relax

imageI am the queen at overreacting/stressing/wigging out/ etc over EVERYTHING. I am so lucky to have such a caring and patient husband that gives me a reality check when I’m having an episode. Example, I lost the little screw to my brand new waterproof phone case and spent over an hour cussing, throwing around my room trying to find it and felt my anxiety kicking in thinking of the money that I just “lost.” When I break something or lose something all I think about is the $$ signs just flying out the window. It’s not like I am hurting on money, I just hate wasting/loosing things. It’s sad really, I let stupid things like this ruin my peace and then I just treat Daniel like crap because I’m mad at something he didn’t even have anything to do with. It’s one of the things I hope to get better with. When things are a mess in my house I get upset. When dirty clothes get thrown on the floor I lose my peace. If I would have to pick my personality flaw it would be being OCD… About everything 😦 it really is a hard thing to get over and with constant work, I know I can do it!


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