Hawaiian words


Aloha readers!

Aloha is often used as a greeting here in Hawaii to create an atmosphere of friendliness and love. However, it has multiple meanings. When you look up “aloha” in the Hawaiian dictionary, every warm and fuzzy word in the English language pops up: love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy, pity, kindness, sentiment, grace, charity. Living with aloha is a way of life here on the island, I.e. people surf with aloha, cook with aloha, and even write work emails with aloha. It’s as if people in Hawaii are constantly surrounded by an affirmation or mantra to live life with love. The mainland could learn a little lesson or two from this aina (land).

Ohana, means family as we all learned from the show “LILO and Stitch.” The roots of the this word are far greater than just the meaning alone. Oha is a plant and signifies that all ohana come from the same root. However, ohana more so relates to a group of people that share the same bond. Family doesn’t always mean blood, but more so the same interests.

Mana means power. This power relates to life energy of an individual.

Hawaiian words have such powerful meanings and context. I know if I live my life with these 3 values, I will live a life that is contagious.

Stay tuned for more random thoughts and facts from yours truly.


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